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detroit vineyards/

The first winery in the city of Detroit in more than 60 years, award-winning Detroit Vineyards makes its new home within a former Stroh’s Ice Cream factory. The 12,600 square foot facility features a robust tasting room that fits right in to the industrial lexicon of the city, a state-of-the art production facility, barrel storage, and a private tasting room.

The design is respectful of the building’s past, maintaining and highlighting much of the existing equipment and systems, while modern upgrades and unique details set the tone for an experience as unique as the winery itself.

The design was a collaborative effort between owners, architects, contractors, and interior designers, with the main objective being to let the industrial nature of the building and area speak for itself.

Taking advantage of the unique micro-climate surrounding the Detroit River, co-founder Blake Kownacki has helped Detroit residents reclaim blighted land in their neighborhoods by planting micro-vineyards, teaching them how to cultivate grapes, and then purchasing the grapes from them when they’re ready for harvest.For more, check out their website.

Grand opening is May 3, 2019.

Construction by Advanced Building Group

All Photos by Steve Kroodsma

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