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the drifter coffee project began through a simple text message: “can you guys handle a coffee shop”. we of course replied “yes”.

then we met at a forgotten, windowless, out-building of an abandoned wire manufacturer and that simple question got a whole lot more complicated…

thankfully, drifter coffee’s aesthetic is founded on sunshine, community, diversity, vintage vibes, girl power, and of course coffee,. this made for a clear path through conceptual design: make the inward facing, squatty 'mushroom’ building, the most vibrant, bright, and welcoming beacon for an neighborhood in transition. just throw in some teal and millennial pink and she’s as good as done.

the existing two-story building was to remain, with the first floor designated as the coffee shop and the second floor the lounge. a 600 square foot, post and beam greenhouse was proposed at the rear of the building, to house the roasting operation headed by gooseneck, additional seating, and space for events.

new windows were punched in just about every conceivable location (14 in all), original tin ceilings were restored, hardwood flooring refinished, and an influx of bright white surfaces and natural wood surfaces applied. thanks to our talented team of sub-contractors and craftsman every detail was executed to perfection … enjoy!

located at 770 woodward heights in ferndale, michigan. please visit their website for more information.

all photos by MVP

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detroit vineyards/

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