five / eighths architecture is a full-service firm, focused on the collaborative merger between architecture and construction, that only a true design-build firm can offer.

we believe that quality design is the result of acute attention to detail, executed throughout the course of a project. as both architects and contractors, we believe we are uniquely qualified to produce high-quality architecture that is as well-crafted as it is thoughtful.

in the end, our aim is for the user to experience the clarity of the design, while appreciating the methods of construction. we execute this by carefully drawing each line on paper and meticulously placing each element on site.  

these practices have helped define our firm’s aesthetic profile as modern mid-century modern, combining the simplicity of material and construction characterized by modern architecture while maintaining a connection to nature and a willingness to experiment, predicated by mid-century architecture.

therefore, our process is simple: design with construction in mind, and build while continuing the design conversation.


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